Chapter 1 - The Story BeginsEdit

When Weegee began to lose his once-loyal followers, his craving for attention turned out to be necessary for his survival and he took extreme measures to revive his reign by making a public appearance on the airwaves in Bikini Bottom, either claiming anyone watching TV or scaring them out of town. Squidward Tentacles' business in the weed industry was affected by this and was forced to cap the demon plumber.

Squidward hired a number of bounty hunters and assassins to do the job, but none were able to even confront Weegee in his state of power. Squidward then had a team of scientists create a bio-weapon that would finish the job and named it Skodwarde. Weegee was unable to fight off the soulless psychopath and was brutally stabbed to death by his successor.

Before his death, Weegee took the evil clone of Tails, named Dark Tails, in as an apprentice. He would be the next Weegee. He then trained Dark Tails to use his evil powers. After Weegee was killed by Skodwarde, Dark Tails swore to destroy Skodwarde, no matter the cost. He then befriended Tubby, and together they formed the United Monsters of America, or the UMA, an evil organization dedicated to destroy the Skodwarde Squad.

After researching what they're up against, Dark Tails realized that the Skodwarde Squad had the UMA outnumbered and that Skodwarde himself was a huge threat. He realized that the UMA needed more members then just him and Tubby. So he went in search of new members, and using futuristic technology he entered hell and the dream world. Two months later he returned with Malleo, and Da-Da, and Insane Woody. Dark Tails knew that the Skodwarde Squad still outnumbered the UMA 8-5. He also knew that most members of the Skodwarde Squad, with exception of Skodwarde and [[|w:c:youtubepoop:Fizzy Walnuts|Fizzy Walnuts]], were (mostly) harmless, and everyone in the UMA was dangerous.

Dark Tails has many powers and weapons, and powerful allies, but was that enough to defeat Skodwarde? He didn't think so. But he knew one thing that could. Skodwarde has one weakness that no one knows about, no one from the present. Dark Tails was the only one that knew exactly what that weakness was. He was the only who can take down Skodwarde once and for all. Dark Tails officially started war when he murdered Spengbab, and recorded it and finally sent the murder tape to Skodwarde.

After learning about Fizzy Walnuts' plan to assassinate him (who didn't know that Dark Tails is immortal), Dark Tails spent about two days laughing, and he then realized he had more important things to do. So he sent his secret apprentice, Tobuscus, to finish off Fizzy Walnuts and Sandy Cheeks.

One year later, when the Skodwarde Squad was in victory, that was when Dark Tails launched project "P". Only Skodwarde, Moar Krabs, and Fizzy (who was not really fighting in the war after Tobuscus) survived. The rest now have dog crap in their dead corpses. Dark Tails later overpowered Skodwarde and killed him using his only weakness - screaming "This is Sparta" and kicking him down a well. Skodwarde was finally dead. MOAR then surrendered, he still manages the Krab Krusty today.

The money and resources needed to reanimate the bio-army were preserved, however they were entrusted with a certain idiot scientist who probably lost everything by now.

Chapter 2 - Tirek's RevengeEdit

A year later, Tirek was full of fury because he was rejected by the UMA, so he then told Giygas Jr. a plan that consists of forming a new group with the objective of destroy the UMA and cleaning the name of Skodwarde. Giygas Jr. then agreed.

Giygas Jr. planned his first attack, thus injuring Waweegee (One of the UMA's members and Weegee's Cousin). That then started an epic battle against Dark Tails and the UMA.

After learning about the T.D Squad, Dark Tails then told Tubby "Take down these f*ckers". The next morning Dark Tails was gone. The only thing that was left of him was a note:

UMA, they want me. Tubby you are now in charge. It's best if I never existed.

After Tubby took charge, he renamed the UMA to the Death Squad.

One day, Tails Doll was killed by Walleo, and the next day Giygas Jr. was killed by Waweegee, this notice causes Tirek to become nervous of the Death Squad but later he got a new plan from Fizzy Walnuts, involving Skodwarde and Pranktin. Tirek then ordered Fizzy Walnuts and Colress to resurrect the 3 souls of Giygas, DEUUEAUGH Fish, and Skodwarde in the Devil Machine. Fizzy resurrected one member, Pranktin, by combining the souls of Giygas and two other members. This resulted in the creation of an unbeatable satanic demon whose name was Giywardeaugh, making a second war a likely possibility.

After disappearing, Dark Tails heard about the murder of Pedobear by the hands of Giywardeaugh, a monster created by the violent fusion of the souls of Giygas, Skodwarde and DEUUEAUGH Fish thanks to an error made by Fizzy Walnuts and Colress in the Devil Machine. Then, Dark Tails saved the Great Mighty Poo, who in return gave Dark Tails one wish. Without hesitating he wished to be an ultimate power and to destroy anyone who gets in his way. The Great Mighty Poo then granted the wish and Dark Tails merged with his former master, Weegee, and Chuck Norris. Dark Tails then awoke as DarkTeegee Norris. When Tirek had the victory insured, Giywardeaugh betrays him and absorbs all his power, and Tirek was turned into a weak and old faggot.

Giywardeaugh proclaims himself as the new T.D Squad Founder and Leader.

Now with the powers of Tirek, Giywardeaugh can absorb the powers and abilities of his victims and becomes more powerful than ever before...The problem is that Dark Tails' soul is fused with his powers and abilities. To keep it short, if Giywardeaugh tries to absorb DarkTeegee Norris' powers and abilities - Dark Tails takes over Giywardeaugh.

DarkTeegee Norris then used ventured to the bottom of Tartarus, where he gained the Helm of Die. He then put on the Helm of Die, which then merged with his body. DarkTeegee Norris then merged with death itself, and the power of the underworld. Once again DarkTeegee transformed into Mors. Mors was even more powerful than Giywardeaugh, But then Giywardeaugh absorbs all the power of T.D Squad, and became "Giywardeaugh Overloaded", then the battle began with Mors with the advantage.

  1. Mors attack Giywardeaugh Overloaded
  2. Giywardeaugh Overloaded was injured
  3. Giywardeaugh Overloaded uses Zalgo's Powers
  4. Mors was injured
  5. Mors uses Weegee's Stare
  6. Giywardeaugh Overloaded was paralyzed
  7. Giywardeaugh Overloaded uses disparalyzed
  8. Mors uses Walleo kick
  9. Giywardeaugh Overloaded was injured
  10. Giywardeaugh Overloaded uses absorb
  11. Giywardeaugh Overloaded stole energy from Mors
  12. Mors uses a revolver
  13. Giywardeaugh Overloaded loses energy
  14. Giywardeaugh Overloaded uses "Moar Walnuts"
  15. Mors was gravely injured
  16. Mors uses rehabilitate
  17. Mors got Energy back
  18. Giywardeaugh Overloaded uses PSI Rockin
  19. Mors was injured
  20. Mors uses "Princess Molestia"
  21. Giywardeaugh Overloaded is confused
  22. Giywardeaugh Overloaded attacks himself
  23. Mors punches Giywardeaugh Overloaded's face
  24. Giywardeaugh Overloaded loses energy
  25. Giywardeaugh Overloaded isn't confused anymore
  26. Giywardeaugh Overloaded uses Marine's Talk
  27. Mors uses Rarity's Sexy Magic
  28. The 2 attacks explode upon collision
  29. Mors uses teleport and attacks Giywardeaugh Overloaded
  30. Mors uses Chuck Norris's Slap
  31. Giywardeaugh Overloaded was injured
  32. Giywardeaugh Overloaded uses Phsycic powers
  33. Mors was thrown into a mountain
  34. Giywardeaugh Overloaded combines the power of Zalgo and Squidward, creating a giant ball of energy
  35. Giywardeaugh Overloaded threw the energy orb at Mors
  36. Mors collapses
  37. The Death Squad appears and give their powers to Mors
  38. Mors becomes "Mors Overloaded" and regains health and energy
  39. Mors Overloaded uses Falcon Punch
  40. Giywardeaugh Overloaded was gravely injured
  41. Mors Overloaded uses Chuck Norris Fatal Kick 3 times
  42. Giywardeaugh Overloaded was gravely injured
  43. Mors Overloaded uses THE ULTIMATE ATTACK
  44. Giywardeaugh Overloaded was Ultimate Gravely Injured and lost his Immortality
  45. Giywardeaugh Overloaded collapses
  46. Giywardeaugh Overloaded tries to escape
  47. Mors Overloaded uses GENKIDAMA
  48. Giywardeaugh Overloaded dies
  49. Mors Overloaded Wins!

After Giywardeaugh was defeated, the T.D Squad and Death Squad made peace and became allies. Mors turned back into Dark Tails, who Tubby made the once-again leader. Everything was finally settled. Skodwarde was gone. Weegee was avenged. However, Dark Tails was the villain - the main villain of YouTube Poop.

Chapter 3 - Spingebill's attackEdit

Now, Fizzy Walnuts and Moar Krabs are the only Skodwarde Squad members who are still alive: all of the others are dead. They later tried to commit suicide, but Spingebill stopped them and said that he can make a new group of morbid and satanic monsters like the Skodwarde Squad and invited them to join, so Fizzy Walnuts and Moar Krabs accepted Spingebill's offer. The Masked One later told Spingebill that he made a mistake by inviting them to join.

Fizzy realized that he had lost everything all because that dreaded Dark Tails destroyed the Skodwarde Squad's last hope of survival, and then crushed the Skodwarde Squad, along with all of Fizzy's dreams.  Fizzy swore revenge on Dark Tails, and he forced Moar Krabs to help him.  Fizzy decided to combine the two things he loved the most, martial arts and technology, and combine them to make a destructive war machine that not even Dark Tails could fend against, with Moar Krabs's help.  This machine came in the form of a robotic martial artist named LemonBot 3000 Dark Mercury.  Fizzy built her to be incredibly strong and skilled in martial arts in order to fight Dark Tails, but he also included a secret that I.M. Meen claimed would "really make him cry!".  Fizzy also made Dark Mercury extremely intelligent in terms of isolating opponents' weaknesses by adding DNA samples of many powerful beings, even including a sample of Dark Tails!  Fizzy kept this project hidden from SpingeBill and the other members, but The Masked One found out.  Three days after she was built, Fizzy sent Dark Mercury out to confront Dark Tails.  The combined skill in martial arts and knowledge of DarkTeegee's strengths and weaknesses allowed Dark Mercury to win the battle by turning Dark Tails mortal with radioactive chocolate, and then beating the crap out of Dark Tails.  Dark Mercury returned to Fizzy and brought Dark Tails's dead body back for proof of her victory.  When the news reached SpingeBill, he realized that Fizzy was a truly valuable member for the Spinge Squad, and that now there was a chance to destroy the UMA and end the Weegee threat for good.  While the Spinge Squad fed on Dark Tails's body for dinner, SpingeBill screamed at The Masked One for ever doubting Fizzy Walnuts. The Masked One said that just because they killed him, doesn't mean they beat him. No one knew what he meant, same as usual.

Tobuscus later unmasked The Masked One out of anger caused by Dark Tails' death, only to find out it was Dark Tails under that mask. Tobuscus then fled and told Mewtwo and Tubby (the Death Squad's new leader) who he saw.

spy for the Spinge Squad reported this to Spingebill, who unmasked the Masked One - only to find Dark Tails. Spingebill then demanded an explanation. Dark Tails took a deep breath and said:

"It all started with that alliance between the Death Squad and the T.D Squad. I didn't knew the we were going to become good guys! A month later I noticed it, everyone turned good - except me. They were useless - I needed to start over, create a new Squad and destroy the last. So I created the Masked One, met you and started the Spinge Squad! As The Masked One I would lead the Spinge Squad to victory, as Dark Tails I would lead the Death Squad to doom. When Walnuts created Dark Mercury I knew it was my chance to finish off Dark Tails and watch them suffer. So I reprogrammed her, to make it look like she killed me. I made a dead corpse that looked like me and have you eat it for dinner."

Later, Mewtwo learned about the Masked One and his real identity, Dark Tails, when Tobuscus told him and the T.D Squad about his battle. An enraged Mewtwo planned his revenge against Dark Tails, considering him a "Traitor", with the help of Giygas (who was resurrected and now is reformed). Later, Dark Tails killed Malleo, and Tubby was nervous about the notice from Tobuscus and Queen Chrysalis. Waweegee avenged Malleo's death by killing Not Stu.

Dark Tails then let evil take over his personality and when completely insane, by losing all of his emotions. Dark Tails then when on a murderous rampage, and he currently is still doing that. His first victim was Malleo, and the second was Fizzy (who later turned into a god). An Injured Patchy the Pirate was also slain, and then Ice King was attacked (the only one so far who survived 'cause he's immortal).

Mewtwo, Tubby, Dr. Cyanide, Insane Woody, and Severous Snape along with the T.D and Death Squads planned a method to put an end to the Spinge Squad in the T.D Squad base and lamentably...destroy Dark Tails.

Later, Dark Tails with the Spinge Squad members found and destroyed the base, Claude Frollo caused fire in the base, Mewtwo get out all the members of the base, In a final opportunity, Mewtwo destroyed the base and some Spinge Squad members (Because You, Alduin, and Herobrine sacrificed their lives to destroy the Spinge Squad).

However, Dark Tails and the members who survived are now more enraged than ever before.

Mewtwo then sent forces to capture and kill Dark Tails who made an agreement with Da-Da: Dark Tails will not kill Da-Da if Da-Da will let Dark Tails into the dream world and work as an assassin. Dark Tails then entered the dream world, never to return. With that the Spinge Squad, the T.D Squad, and the Death Squad all declared him dead. Two months later they all entered peace and merged into one squad - the Mewtwo Squad.

Chapter 4 - Dark Tails' Dream attackEdit

Mewtwo doesn't have ideas for the team yet, after Dark Tails and Da-Da betray the group, the members of the Death Squad feel sad for the betrayal of Dark Tails, Mewtwo tells Spingebill the real sentiments of a Leader and his team. Spingebill feels bad for his evil actions in the Spinge Squad.

Exactly ten years after Dark Tails escaped to the dream world, half of the members started to have nightmares of being chased by a shadow with the phrases "There's no escape", "I will have revenge", and "It's over" blankly being echoed. The next morning Mama Luigi was found dead, with his heart on top of his chest. No one is sure what happened, but they all knew no one was safe.

The next day, Autopsy, Fizzy Walnuts, Colress, Robotnik and Severous Snape found a clue that can help to find Dark Tails. Unfortunately, all of them but Fizzy (who instead got amnesia) died the next night. The clue died with them.

Later, after Mewtwo hears about these deaths, he proclaims:

"I have been foolish not to see what history has proven over and over again.... Dark Tails is now a monster sadistic demon and if there is no diplomatic solution to this perpetual conflict, then I must not allow more darkness to fall upon this or any other planet. Dark Tails must be destroyed!"


One day, Waweegee and Walleo found Dark Tails. Waweegee attacked him, but Dark Tails punched Waweegee and kicked him, so Waweegee was gravely injured and Walleo out of rage tried to destroy Dark Tails with a Mushroom, but Dark Tails killed him by cutting off his head. Waweegee tried to escape but Dark Tails killed him with a ball of dark energy, and Waweegee was shattered.

They died in their sleep. Dark Tails killed them in their dreams.

After hearing about it, Mewtwo called Dark Tails, threatening him with a battle. Dark Tails agreed with the condition that all of the Mewtwo Squad members also go to the battle, Mewtwo agreed. Little did Mewtwo know that Dark Tails is in the dream world, and is killing them from their dreams - so he can attack them, but they can't attack him.

However, thanks to Fizzy Walnuts a Dream Machine was created for Mewtwo. Fizzy remembers when Colress and Snape told him about the machine before they die. Mewtwo uses the machine and the Mewtwo Squad is sent to the Dream World.

However, Fizzy Walnuts has to stay in the base during the process.

Then Dark Tails started to kill all of them, and everyone's attacks didn't work. Tobuscus then realized it - they were asleep. He yelled, telling everyone to wake up. The few still alive (Tobuscus, Mewtwo, all of the awesome ponies, and Spingebill) all woke up, all wounded but alive. All the others: dead - forever.

The next night, Tobuscus had a dream - not of Dark Tails but of someone else, a shadow. Who told him that Da-Da was not the only one who sided with Dark Tails...some others betrayed the Mewtwo Squad as well. All but one faked their deaths in the battle (which wasn't really a true battle) against Dark Tails. One is still in the Squad. It's someone who wasn't expected. Tobuscus decided to keep this between him and his friend Chrysalis.

A week later Tobuscus had another dream. It was Dark Tails (who didn't notice him) fighting himself (literally, he was fighting some sort of clone in hand-to-hand combat). Dark Tails #1 fell to his knees. Dark Tails #2 then said:

"You must finish off Tobuscus and Mewtwo. The master demands it"

Dark Tails #1 then said "Some day I will defeat you, beat this curse that made me betray and kill my friends."

Tobuscus then woke, and he knew Dark Tails wasn't the threat - he was their friend. Chrysalis later tried to consolate Tobuscus. Tobuscus learned about psychic powers thanks to the training with Mewtwo. However, when Fizzy gave news about a dream he had about Dark Tails, everyone realized that there was actually an even bigger threat — a threat that may be out to destroy all of Dr. Cyanide's Army YouTube Poop!  It had almost used Tobuscus to tear apart the Mewtwo Squad.

After the Mewtwo Squad lost some of its members to Dark Tails's nightmares, Fizzy Walnuts became furious because Dark Tails would keep killing people endlessly without any true second thoughts — or first thoughts, for that matter.  Fizzy decided to go into Dream World and confront Dark Tails himself.  Mewtwo at first tried to stop Fizzy, telling him it was dangerous, but Fizzy reminded him that he was a god now.  Fizzy encountered Da-Da while searching for Dark Tails, and Da-Da said to Fizzy, "What?  You're alive?  I could have sworn Dark Tails cut your head off at 4 in the morning!"  Fizzy then threatened to give Da-Da some Godly Sex if he didn't tell Fizzy where to find Dark Tails.  Da-Da didn't know what Godly Sex was, and he didn't want to, so he gave Fizzy Dr. Cyanide's Dark Tails's address.  When Fizzy found Dark Tails in the center of a dream cloud, the two battled.  Fizzy, being a god, had the wisdom to know that the key to defeating a being of negative energy was to bombard it with positive energy.  Fizzy started to think happy thoughts (which were of Fizzy pestering Toboscus and acting weird until Toboscus screamed and jumped off a cliff) which left Dark Tails vulernable long enough for Fizzy to go in and give him a fatal air kick.  But then Dark Tails respawned, and Fizzy was ready to beat him down again, but Fizzy became concerned when he saw that Dark Tails's body was deformed and his mouth had turned into a third, blood-red eye with a white pupil.  Dark Tails spoke with a voice similar to that of Giygas's, telling Fizzy: "Beware: I hunger.  Run, coward, run!"  Fizzy was terrified and he wanted to kill this monstrosity once and for all, but he was beginning to suspect that Dark Tails was under the influence of a darker magic that was corrupting Dream World.  So Fizzy returned to Real World and told the rest of the Mewtwo Squad of his discovery.  But then SpingeBill asked, "But who would be evil enough to possess lesser evils, use them to carry out large-scale murders like this, and try to turn us against each other?"  SpingeBill was right: if Dark Tails wasn't the mastermind behind the operation, then who was?  And what was their motive?, Princess Luna understand who is the responsible of this.

Thanks to 6 clues:

"He's Satanic"

"He was a killer before"

"He wants to destroy the Youtube Poop"

"He hates the Mewtwo Squad"

"He likes Canned Bread"

"And Finally, He is a Fat Faggot!!

It's unknown how Tobuscus cured Dark Tails - but he did. Dark Tails then joined the Mewtwo Squad as the new co-leader. When Dark Tails sees Mewtwo he has a angry face, Dark Tails walks to Mewtwo and hugs him, Mewtwo has a happy face and hugs him too, Princess Luna and Celestia cry for the scene.

Chapter 5 - Return of WeegeeEdit

As the Mewtwo Squad member stand around idly, a new threat reappears. The one who is one of the causes of this war and the first Casualty: Weegee. His slumber for the entirety of the war slams to a sudden stop. How, you may say. Weegee, WAS dead, but The Coachman put the energy, blood and lives lost in the past war, in the Fusion Machine. All the elements were absorbed into the corpse of Weegee, and revived him.

He is much weaker then his former self, and cannot spread the curse by looking at people anymore. But thanks to The Coachman and his machine, he still is slightly over 9000. No one is aware of this mess. Weegee arrives, but remains unspotted. He finds Dark Tails, and a feeling of happiness overcomes him. His student remained alive the entire war! He looks at the others, he sees good intentions in all of them!

He, seeing how Dark Tails, his past evil student is now good, gets angered and that anger manifests him to become stronger than he ever was before. Despite this, his curse still fails to work. He bursted in, end everyone stood in shock. Dark Tails and Mewtwo sensed that Weegee was different, and no longer had the intention of helping them. He dashed over in the blink if an eye, and attempted to slice his former master into two, but he vanashed.

Dark Tails with Princess Celestia go off to Hyrule to buy equipment for the battle against Weegee and (not knowing it yet), The Coachman. They arrive at Morshu's Shop. Tails is the first to see the team. "What are you doing here, Dark Tails?" he shouts, without knowing that Dark Tails is now good. So Dark Tails and Princess Celestia explain that he is good and he needs equipment to fight the new Weegee threat. They buy 820 bombs. Morshu says: "That's 9001 rupees." The squad gathers all the collect rupees they have: 9000. They had to buy 819 bombs instead. Tails joins up with the Mewtwo Squad temporarily so that they can have more power.

The Mewtwo Squad called a meeting for all of the squads to discus the new Weegee threat. It started raining, so Fizzy Walnuts went to close the window, only to see The Coachman standing there eavesdropping on them! The Squads all went there to see for themselves.

"This is the end of the line Coachman" said Fizzy Walnuts

"This isn't the end! It is only the beginning!The Coachman, smiling, said in a demonic voice

After he finished his dark omen, he vanished, in a flash of purple and red lightning. In his place was a yellowed note. It said:

We are at the Weegee Empire. Good luck. You will need it if you want the world of YouTube Poop to be safe again.

Mewtwo knew the drasticness of the situation. This is no longer just a situation of who wins and loses. The entire world as they knew it was at stake. How long did they have left? What is their plan? Whatever it is, they knew then on that they must unite and stop this from happening. On the map it said that to get to the Weegee Empire, you must first pass the Mushroom Kingdom and the United States of America. This was a long journey, and they set off.

Three days later, they arrived at the southern wing of the Mushroom Kingdom. They were hungry so they went to a Spaghetti shop, but all the spaghetti was gone! Was this the diabolical act of Weegee or just the hunger of Fat Mario? Probably the latter. So, they went to the worst Resteraunt of all: Ganon's Pub. They were so hungry, but as soon as they entered, all hunger disappeared. Success!

After that they continue there journey to the Weegee Empire, Tails then said "home, were going to my birth country -were going to Canada"

Everyone looked at him. "We are going pass the U.S and the empire is north, what is the only thing north of the U.S northern boarder...CANADA!" Tails continued,

Everyone but Tails looked confused. "I was born in Canada. So was Weegee. His empire is the country that he's from." he explained,

Dark Tails then looked ahead, "I know Weegee the best, he never said he's a Canadian" he stated,

"That's because he can't stand it, trust me Canadians somehow know which famous people are Canadian" Tails said.

They all the decided the put the comversation behind them and soon they reached the U.S border. There was one problem they didn't think of...none of them had a passport. 

Spingebill and Fizzy Walnuts told everyone else that they were going to have to sneak over the border.  Fizzy was able to use his goldy powers to hide himself and everyone else inside the pants pocket of some random guy who was going to Canada. 

Although Weegee Soul could not curse people, he and The Coachman was still able to make a new army called the Weegee Squad, gaining new members in Canada by bribing them with corn dogs and donkeys slaves.  As the Mewtwo Squad reached Canada, a border guard who was working for the Weegee Squad saw the Mewtwo Squad and called Weegee on a payphone.

Tobuscus and Moar Krabs are in the Mewtwo Squad who actually been to Canada before, but Tails (even thought not part of the Mewtwo Squad) lived in Canada almost his entire life, so everyone followed Tails. That night Tobuscus had a dream, of Weegee. Weegee had a new apprentice, a blue blur - no, a blue hedgehog - that can run faster then the speed of sound. And - use the force. Tobuscus then woke and tell this to Luna and Chrysalis. Weegee has a new apprentice, and Tails once knew him. After two day of walking, grey clouds covered the sky.

"SHIT!" Tails screamed,

"What did Morshu do to you?" One of them yelled,

"No I mean it! In Canada, logic is different! Instead of rain being water. RAIN IS SHIT!" Tails yelled as he searched for cover. Unfortunately Canada has no trees because they were all cut down, so it would be easier to got shot (In YTP World, Canada is the world most violent country, instead of a peaceful country). Then it started to rain shit.

Everyone ran for their lives, all blined by shit. After a few hours the shit storm lifted, everything was good, except Spingebill and Fizzy were gone - they accidentley broke away. Chrysalis then went to search for them, an hour later she arrived with Fizzy and what was left of Spingebill - who ran into a mine field and was blown into pieces. They mourned their friend for five minutes then Mewtwo said "We have to keep moving - we are almost at your birthtown of Brockville, Ontario?". then Tails said "Yes, we can stay the night there and restock". They then buried Spingebill and moved once again, moved north-east. The next night they stayed at a hotel in Brockville, were they planned their next move.

"Okay so next we go to the pinery, an area just west of Ottawa. I have a friend there who can help" Tails said,

"He should know were we can find Weegee" Tails finished,

"Who?" Chrysalis asked,

"My half-brother, Comys" Tails anwsered,

A week later, they finally got to the pinery.

"I should warn you guys, he has aspergers. So he's a little weird. He thinks we are all in this fake reality." Tails said,

"So he's a solipsist?" Replied Mewtwo. Tails confirmed this. They cautionably enter, and see Comys grumbling about how the YTP World is all just fiction. "Hello, Comys!" Tails says, putting on a false cheeriness. "Do you know where Weegee is?"

"Oh yes! Weegee. If your trying to stop him, your going to succeed, he's the antagonist, one of you is the protagonist. The writers wil make sure you guys win. He is working to destroy this group of fictions, he is in Yukon! Oh you might need this" He said,

Comys then handed Tails an AK-47.


"The writers gave me it" Comys replied,

"Cool, ¿you can give me a 3DS writers?" Luna replied,

"Luna, we not have time for games" Celestia replied,

"By the way I should come, I should have a bigger role in the story then just a minor character." Comys finally said,

No one was a fan of the idea of him coming, but they needed all the help they could get. So they allowed him to come.

So they then set off for the Yukon Territory. In the first day, nothing was out of the ordinary, and they slept peacefully that night. Except for Tobuscus: He had a dream of the world exploding with a great force, and Weegee and the Coachman laughing as it all happened.

The next day, Tails told everyone about the last leg of the journey.  "Weegee is inside that ice mountain right over there.  All we have to do is to scale the mountain, and there should be a gate at the top that leads inside."  But as the Squad was about to set foot on the mountain, the sky began to rumble like there was thunder.  Suddenly, a pulsating blue laser shot down from the sky and chased the Squad away from the mountain.  Luckily everyone was able to outrun the laser until Moar Krabs found safety for everyone in an underground cave. 

When the laser disappeared, Fizzy told everyone what that was all about.  "That blue laser that almost killed us was just the beginning of a whole light show!  Weegee is channeling all of his dark energy that he steals from Dream World to create a force of pure energy so strong it can obliterate the entire world of YouTube Poop!  If we can't stop Weegee and Coachman, they will make the world's largest laser and use it to destroy everything..."

"That WASN'T A LASER! That was Sonic, Darth Sonic, Weegee's new apprentice" Tobuscus yelled,

They set off the next day without making a scene about the dream, because Tobuscus has a lot of bad dreams. As they got closer to Yukon, more weird things happened. Large patches of earth were missing. Cracks in the ground caused things to get more and more unstable. Eventually, they saw a hole that went through the entire earth. The Plan to destroy YTP was already happening.

By the time they got within 50 km of the site, they could no longer walk, because there was no longer a path of solid ground. They had to jump across the unstable rock columns. That is what they did. While that happened, Insane Woody died. After all, he is a toy and cannot fly. "Oh, so it's one of those stories where almost everyone dies by the end - maybe I should of stayed home" Comys said, in the heaven, Insane Woody has been expected by Buzz Lightyear.

They continued to jump across the columns, and eventually they got to the front porch of the tower. They rung the bell;


"That was awkward.." Tails said.

"The writers and Poopers made YTP this way" replied Comys.

"Don't worry, they know how the history should be" replied Princess Celestia.

The door opened, and behind it was a legion of guards. Tails shot, and Dark tails sliced them to nothingness. Soon all the legions were dead.

"Okay, If I'm right. The writers are planning another death soon. WRITERS YOU ARE THE MOST AWESOME PEOPLE IN THE UNIVERSE!" Comys yelled,

"What are you doing?" Asked Dark Tails,

"Trying to get on their good side, they won't kill of character they really like" Comys whispered

"But don't you believe the writers wrote you to be like that anyway, so it doesn't matter." Tails blurted

"Oh yeah.." Replied Comys

They walked forward, and saw a clock with a note attached to it. The clock had the time '86:21:56' and was ticking down. The note said:

"At the time that this note is written, you have 100 hours to defeat Weegee and I before the entire world disappears! We are at the top floor, there 1000 of them, so don't stop climbing the staircase! You won't have enough time if you do. Oh, and if you were wondering, yes Viacom hired me to do this!"

Dark Tails bashed the clock in a fit of rage. The clock, mysteriously didn't break, despite the power of the blow, but it slid off the table. Tails took the clock so they could know how much time was left. Comys yelled "GOOD IDEA WRITERS!"

86:19:12 was the time currently left. They ran to the stairs, but as soon as Tails, Dark Tails, and Mewtwo got to the stairs, a gate popped up, separating the three from everyone else. There was no other staircase, so there was no way the others could get to the top. A click from a speaker above attracted their attention:

"Only three of you will face us. Don't worry, the rest will be safe, and the gate will open back up if you can defeat us. It is three on two, how hard will it be?"

The three started sprinting up the stairs, worried. Each tick on the clock was one tick closer to the destruction of their world. Each 10 floors had a number of which floor they were on. By floor 50 the time was 85:59:59. Their worries went away. They were 5% of the way there and they still had a couple days. The note attempted to trick them into tiring themselves out. They stoped at the floor 50 pantry to have a meal. Still, the world was already getting damaged. If they continue to slack off, more of the world will collapse, so they set off again. They decided to stop at every 50 floors.

Using this strategy, they got to the top with 62:37:10 left on the clock. There is still 6/10 left of the earth. A large group of guards appeared. Mewtwo made the majority of their heads explode with his psychic abilities, while Tails shot at the remaining ones.

"Hey! Why can't I kill any?" Asked Dark Tails.

"Seems like you still have some evil in you." Chuckled Tails.

The grating of metal sounded as the gate opened. Behind it were 3 people. Sonic, Weegee and The Coachman.

"Hey! You said this would be three on two!" Shouted Tails

"Oh, did I? I recorded that before Sonic joined us!" Said The Coachman

"Now it's time for you to Die!" Said Weegee.

Sonic flew forward at an immense speed, and injured Tails. In return, Sonic rebounded. Tails crawled to his AK, and to help, Dark Tails threw it to him. He fired, but it did little to sonic. Again. Again. The ammo ran out, so he used it as a baton.

Mewtwo phycicly caused explosions at Weegee, but to no avail. No damage was being done to Weegee, because he has more resistance thanks to the Fusion Machine. Dark Tails Dashed to him and clawed at him, but he always teleported away.

"My battles against the Buttler were more fun than this!" Said Weegee.

Dark Tails used a homing antiorb, and eventually it hit Weegee. Sadly it did little damage.

Tails used one-hundred of the bombs on Sonic. It did a large amount of damage, but not enough to slow him down. Mewtwo began targeting the coachman, and it was a success. The coachman ran out, saying "I'll be back!". Tails threw a bomb at Weegee, and he didn't notice. It blew up right behind him. The smoke faded, to reveal an unscratched Weegee. Dark Tails was losing his ground on him, and could no longer block all his attacks. Weegee's eye beam nearly knocked out the former apprentice, and things were starting to look bleak. Dark Tails looked at Weegee, and he remembered his one weakness. Multiple attacks at once. Skodwarde killed Weegee by having in each tentacle a knife.

Sonic dashed at Mewtwo, but was thrown away by an invisible force. He fell out of the tower, and down the 1000 floors. It was 3 vs 1.

They surrounded Weegee, and all began attacking him. Sadly, overwhelming was no longer a weakness since people without that weakness were absorbed into him via the fusion machine. Weegee teleported away from the three.

"You shall die!" Weegee said.

An exploding orb flew from the ceiling, towards the three. It seemed like the end, but at the last moment, Dark Tails threw the invincible clock at the orb, causing it to explode in midair. The clock fell to the ground, unharmed. The Coachman returned, and arrived in dismay.

"Where is Sonic, Weegee?" He asked.

"Sonic is dead, master." Weegee replied.

Then a lightsaber sliced the coachman, and Sonic was the one holding the it.

"By the way, no one controls Weegee! Especially if they intend on destroying YTP!" Weegee yelled at the new dead Coachman.

"True, I knew he was a dead man since Weegee was resurected" Dark Tails said,

Weegee and Darth Sonic then turned to the three.

"How did you survive the fall?" Tails screamed,

"You'll be suprised of how hard it is to kill me" Sonic then stated.

"Now we end this!" Weegee yelled,

"Wait! Wait! Weegee stop" Comys yelled,

"Comys?" Weegee asked,

"Remember, this is not you. It's the darkness. You been overshadowed by it for years, fight it!" Comys screamed,

No one knew what was going on.

A dark shadow then shot out of Weegee.

"I'm a hero, I'm myslelf again" Weegee cheared,

"How do you stop YTP from ending!" Dark Tails asked in fear.

"There is a lever through that corridor. It will destroy this death machine." Weegee replied.

They all went to the corridor, and then polled the lever. They then went down the 1000 floors.

"I knew you could do it, you are not the only member of the Light Squad that's still alive. The writers wouldn't let that happen!" Comys told Weegee when they were at the bottom,

Weegee then took control of his empire and helped it return to glory, and the Tails returned to work for Morshu, and Comys became the vice-president of the Weegee Canada, and everyone in the Mewtwo Squad all lived in peace!


If you're wondering about Sonic, he caught Ebola and died. Fortunately, a blobby cat licked Sonic's corpse, reviving him.


All the people who wrote a huge chunk of the story:

  • MilezTailsPrower (One of the main writers for all the chapters, drew background poster)
  • Ponyalfonso (One of two main writers of Chapter 2, one of the three main writers of Chapter 3 & 4)
  • Mr Morshu (Minor contributor to Chapter 1, one of the three main writers of Chapters 3 & 4, one of the Chapter 5 writers)
  • Adam9812 (One of the Main Writers of Chapter 5, minor writer for Chapter 2, drew YouTube Poop World map)