This character is the main protagonist in the series: Sesame Street vs Vercetti

Tommy Vercetti is a troll from Vice City, Florida. (Or some shit like that). Tommy is a gangsta and has his own gang to troll the people of Vice City. He owns half the city but everyone there is his bitch. Tommy lives in a giant ass mansion where he seems like Scarface AKA Tony Montana.


Tommy has killed:

  • Countless dickhead citizens and law enforcement.
  • Ricardo Diaz
  • Elmo
  • Lance Vance
  • Sesame Street Gang
  • Sony
  • Hank Hill

Gang Troll WarfareEdit

Tommy and his boys fight against the Sesame Street Gang in battles. The troll consequences are high but nobody gives a shit because it's gang warfare.


He died a peaceful death in 2067.

Power LevelEdit

Base: 1,020,000

Screw Logic: 3,500,000

Final: 5,000,000

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