South Park is a show on Comedy Central and a few other channels. South Park is one of the greatest shows ever made.
South Park


  • Kyle
  • Kenny
  • Cartmam
  • Stan

There are other minor characters as well.


The show can be seen as stupid due to it's racist jokes and satire but the jokes really don't mean any harm. This is our way of saying it's only criticized by butthurt.


South Park has been around since 1999! We can't count every single episode up to 2015!

User RatingsEdit

Dragonballgtgoku 9.7/10
MilezTailzPrower 10
Bramble 69 watermelons of 1337 coconuts*

*Bramble has never seen the show. This rating translates to approximately 5.2.

South Park / Family Guy

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