In the year 2006, some two gangs were formed. The Sesame Street Gang was formed to spread drugs and evil around the area while the Vercetti gang was a high ass rule over Vice City, Florida. Over the years, both gangs began to hate each other. Deaths, crimes, and war lords came to rise over the conflict. It wasn't until 2016 that the two gangs engaged in a war so fucking troll like, that it would destroy half of Florida.

The Showdown Begins!

Chapter 1: Beginning of the WarEdit

It was November. The leaves were becoming brown..wait there is no fall in Florida, screw that. Tommy Vercetti was enjoying his crime lord business. "Bills are the only thing that roll in here!" laughed Tommy. Suddenly, the door burst and came in Dickface Patterson, a gang member of Tommy's. "What the hell is it?" said Tommy. "Roberto Idiotface...he's dead." Tommy dropped his phone. The room was dead. Later that day

It was raining and it was 8pm outside. A gravestone lied there. It said, Roberto Idiotface, A friend, A gangster, A bitch. Everyone paid there respects and left...except for Tommy. "They will pay for this. He was a friend...and a brother to me." remarked Tommy. "Those bastards on Sesame Street will pay!" said Tommy.

Chapter 2: The Rival GangEdit

"Ha ha ha!" laughed Ernie. "The Vercetti Gang lost a hella of a good sharpshooter and now we'll finish em." said Bernie. "The Cookie Dough profit is in boss." said Cookie Monster. "Where's Elmo?" said Ernie? He's out doing something. "Something?" asked Bernie. "I don't know, the bitch ran off after he jacked some poor ass' car." replied Cookie Monster. "He said he'll be back by 3pm." said Cookie monster. "Whatever. As long as the ass isn't betraying me, I don't give a shit what he's doing." said Ernie.


Elmo was tieing up lose ends. A bullet was heard and Elmo walked out the room while room service was standing outside the door. "Problem Bitch?" asked Elmo. "No sir." replied the man. "Good." said Elmo. Elmo then took out a MP9 Sub Machine Gun and shot the man. "Bitches be trolling." said Elmo as he walked out the motel. Elmo jumped into his Lamborghini Aventador that he stole from a guy and hit the gas. The Speedometer was hitting 213 mph like a boss. A Cop in a SRT8 Charger came by but the poor bitch couldn't keep up at 140 mph. "Sucker." said Elmo. He grabbed a grenade and threw it behind him. An explosion was heard and a flaming wheel flew up into the air. "Bitching." said Elmo. Elmo parked his Aventador behind a slum building construction. Behind the run down shitty ass building was Ernie's Veyron, Bernie's SRT10 Viper, and Cookie Monster's Agera R. Elmo entered the building and went inside the basement. There the gang was waiting. "Cookie Dough Profits." said Elmo as he dropped the envelope on Ernie's Desk. Ernie pulled out $2,500 from the envelope. "Fuck Yeah." said Ernie. Big Bird came through the door. "Gotta go to Los Santos for some business Ernie." said Bird. "Fine. Hurry the fuck the up." said Ernie. "It's a fucking three day thing Ernie." said Bird. "Just go." said Bernie.


"Hello Mr. Vercetti." said a voice. "Hello Tom." said Tommy. "What is your business here?" asked Tom. "I need you and your boys to kill this guy." said Tommy. Tommy showed him a picture of Big Bird. "Ah, the Vago leader of Los Santos. This can be arranged but as you know, gang hits are twice the payment."said Tom. Tommy gave him $5000. "Do it." was Tommy's last words as he exited the area.

Chapter 3: Bird's Final WordsEdit

It was 3:30 in the morning. Big Bird was getting on his plane to Los Santos. "Take the merchandise." said Ernie. "Make sure it gets there safely." Bernie said. "Yes sir" said Bird. He got on his plane and went to Los Santos.

In the Vercetti Estate

The phone was ringing. "Hello?" answered Tommy. "Open the fucking garage! Hurry!" said a voice. Tommy recognized the voice and immediately opened the garage. A blue Ferrari Enzo entered. Three gang members exited the car. It was Toby, Mario, and Kane. They were members of Tommy's gang. They opened the trunk and pulled out 3 bags full of money. "Here's the dough." said Kane. Tommy counted it for 3 hours straight. "3 million" said Tommy. "Legit" he thought.


Big Bird had arrived in Los Santos. He took a blue taxi to Vago turf. Vago. "What the fuck happened here?" Big Bird asked quietly. Suddenly a Python came to his head. "State your business here way." said the man. "Business." said Bird. "I need to see your jefe." replied Bird. "Go ahead." the man said. "Hello Jack." said Bird. "Hello Bird." said Jack. "So you got my business call then?" asked Jack. "Yes." replied Bird. "Your objective is to go to Ganton on Grove Street, and inside the 78' Impala, is a briefcase." said Jack. "Get the case and get back here amigo." said Jack. "Fine. The pay better be good." said Bird. "I promise you that the pay will be very rewarding." Jack said with a malicious smile. Bird drove to Grove Street. It was 1:32 AM. Under the one street light was a blue Chevy Impala. He opened the door. "Didn't expect it to be open." said Bird. He got the briefcase. As he walked back to the car, he had an eerie feeling. He then heard a gun cock. "Who's there?" asked Bird as he pulled out a 44. A bullet was fired. It hit Bird in his arm. Then three shadows walked out. "Who the fuck are you?" asked Bird. It was Jack, and two other of Vercetti's men. "Jack..Why?" asked Bird. "Vercetti sends his regards." said Jack. Another bullet was fired.

End of Book 1

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