After the death of Big Bird, the Vercetti gang was enjoying a rather sweet victory. Sesame Street however, was about to take the death to a all new level that would destroy half of Vice City, Florida. It was about to become an all out brawl....

Chapter 1: Bitter DefeatEdit

"What the FUCK man!" said Ernie. "My best pusher is dead! Fuck!" yelled Ernie. "Time to teach the Vercetti gang a lesson!" said Ernie. "Grab the boys Bernie. We are about to raid a business." said Ernie. "Sure thing boss." replied Bernie. A few hours later, a black van pulled in front of Mark's Laundromat. Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Bernie stepped out. Elmo dropped a bag. It opened up to show a FAL Machine Gun, two Micro Uzis and two Glocks. "Open Fire!" said Bernie. Bullets was heard. Windows broke, screams were heard, and bodies dropped. The rampage went out for 22 minutes. They ran outta ammo. "Lets bail!" said Bernie. Sirens from the 5-0 were heard. They drove off just as the cops pulled in. The scene was blank. The SWAT team came in. "12 dead, 3 injured, and 5 alive" said one of em. Inside were two of Vercetti's men. "This was definitely a gang related attack." said Commander Swaton. "They weren't attacking the store, they were...killing off these two." replied a member. "It looks like that..." replied Swaton. "I'm going to take down Vercetti and the Sesame Street Gang these days" thought Swaton.

Chapter 2: Bringing Down the HoodEdit

Vercetti didn't need to hear information from Kane this time. He saw it on TV. "Total bullshit man." Tommy said. "What now boss?" Kane asked. "We go down there and murder some of Sesame's boys, that's what!" replied Tommy. Tommy opened a closet and took out his prized Golden M4. Kane went to get his Python. Kane then got Max and Rick to go along. The four drove off to Sesame Street.  

When they got there, they jumped outta the car. The Vampire guy came with a Spaz 12 Shotgun but Kane put a bullet between his eyes. He dropped dead. Vercetti kicked down the door to the community center and murdered everyone. Max went to the community college and killed many. Rick went to the grocery store and put a bullet in everyone's head. Tommy took five grenades and threw em in the college. It blew up with glass and brick everywhere. Screams were heard and Tommy laughed. The four drove off at 2:00 AM. For 3 straight hours, Tommy and his men killed off half of Sesame Street. They drove off and stopped at a 7/11. They got a drink and murdered the cashier.

Chapter 3: The NukeEdit

Ernie had enough bullshit. He heard about the raid on Sesame Street. "Those little shits are gonna pay!" said Ernie. "Cookie Monster, get your ass up here!" yelled Ernie. "Yep, Boss?" replied Cookie Monster. "Go to the turf, pick up Project N, and get back here ASAP!" said Ernie. "Roger that" replied Cookie. Cookie had drove to the remains of the hood and saw nothing but rubble and debris. "Damn, the place got destroyed" said Cookie. He got to the office building and got Project N. He returned to the crooked part of town afterwards. "Here it is boss" said Cookie. Ernie opened it and revealed a button that said Nuke. "You're gonna nuke the fucking place?" asked Elmo. "No, we nuke the other half of Vice City" replied Ernie. "SHIT!" said Tommy. He had put cameras in the Sesame Street Building. "Run to the bunker!" yelled Tommy. Kane, Jack, and Ryder ran with him while others got their asses nuked. Tommy and his three man had survived but it left the house looking like some shit off Minecraft. "Fuck" said Ryder. "What now then?" asked Jack. "We get off the streets, and then we murder Sesame Street's Leaders" replied Tommy. The four drove off to the motel in the crooked part of town.

Chapter 4: Midnight PurgeEdit

The clock read 12:22 AM. Elmo got up to do his midnight robberies in small shops. He grabbed a small 9mm pistol and a knife in case. He got into his BMW and drove off. He came up to a small mini mart. He loaded his pistol and got ready. He robbed the store and made off like the prick he is. After 26 minutes of getting chased by SWAT Members, Elmo lost them under a bridge. He counted $450 in total. Elmo reloaded his gun as well. He heard as the cops came near the bridge with dogs. He turned off his engine in hope to shake them off. After 22 minutes, the cops left. Elmo drove back to to the hood. He then saw the impossible. Bernie was dead in the middle of the street. Ernie was alive but was fighting off Kane from the Vercetti gang. Elmo shot Kane three times in the head and he dropped dead. Now only three remained. Elmo, Ernie, and Cookie Monster were still left.

Chapter 5: BrawlEdit

Tired of Vercetti's bull crap, Elmo, Ernie and Cookie Monster grabbed some guns and went to the motel of Tommy. Tommy, Ryder, and a new guy: Ernesto were at the motel. Tommy saw outside the window that a car pulled up and three shadowy figures walked out of it. Each one heavily armed. "Shit!" said Tommy. He grabbed an AK-47 and a Combat Pistol and the others followed. The window shattered and bullets were being sprayed. "Get your ass out here Vercetti!" yelled Elmo. 6 minutes into the gunfight, the police department got involved. Cookie Monster ran out of ammunition and stood up and said "Screw You all!". He took 8 shotgun bullets to his body. Ernie shot Ryder criticality and died. Ernie was killed by a helicopter in the sky. Elmo was able to escape in the cross fire. Tommy was shot in the arm and Ernesto in the leg. They were able to escape through the back window. They drove off to Las Vegas, Nevada where they would patch up and continue the criminal empire.

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