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Gligar13Vids (aka Jake Auralight)

Of course not!


Circa 9100

Main Videos

Game "reviewing"

Gligar13vids is an excruciating Mitchell Kuester lookalike on YouTube who reviews Games so poorly that they are not even reviews, but rants and pathetic gameplay and we hate him more than most people on YouTube! He mainly speaks lies about games having bad controls and other things and hates Nintendo Fans because they are all annoying/have good taste in gaming, he buys or rents anything to review, he is also a low-life faggot that likes Call of Duty and Lucario.

Want to talk to this Pathetic Dude?Edit

If you ever want to talk to him, his skype is: jake_auralight

Trust me, he will get you to wish you were dead. :(

Gligar13vids in GoAnimateEdit

Gligar13vids in Goanimate

Gligar13vids in GoAnimate form

What a great thing you did Go Animate. But wait... his father angrily said that Amy Rose was his favourite Sonic character, while we hate this overrated priss for good reasons.

Gligar13vid's Fanboys/FansEdit

His Fanboys are mean-spirited trolls and enjoy his content and they are like"Great vidio gligar! i loved it!11!" and they act angry if they see someone hate on Gligar13vids, they are like "QUIT YOUTUBE UNTIL UR 13 FAG!11!111!!". They make pathetic excuses to hate games we like.


  • Did you know that despite being named after Gligar from Pokemon, he doesn't give a shit about that Pokemon at all and only cares about Lucario?
  • He actually hates at least one Call of Duty game.
  • Despite being a full-fledged Sonic the Hedgehog hater, Glgiar13Vids actualy likes the main Classic Sonic games/characters.


Gligar13vids Twitter

This retard's Twitter!

Glibitch Tweet 2

A Real Tweet that took him 30 seconds to post

This guy has a twitter! his Twitter is @Gligar13 and he tweets nauseating things (IE: A Lucario Toy or CoD)


This Scpart Face had a Twitch, but he didn't use it because no one was coming to his streams, so he streamed on Youtube instead.

His FaceEdit

He has probably got the ugliest face known to mankind, he has probably got the ugliest nose in existence.

Power LevelEdit

It's under 9000!

About Gligar13VidsEdit

Bad? Of course!

Subscribers: About 9100, all earned by sub-for-sub

Main videos: Game reviewing (aka "BAD GAMES". Why not work on "GOOD GAMES"? O_O)

Views: Over 5 million

Birthdate: In the 1990s

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