SkElMO is a red bastard from the popular children's show known as Sesame Street. Elmo is depicted as a nice red 'thing' but truly, he is a part of the Sesame Street Gang. He trolls little kids by making them watch his show and then killing them.

Before DrugsEdit

Before SkElMO did Cookie Dough with Cookie Monster, he had a clean Non Troll life. After Cookie Monster introduced him into Cookie dough, Elmo began living a life with the Sesame Street Gang. He then pushed the profit throughout the street

As a Gang memberEdit

Now, SkElMO is the most trollful person ever. He killed Lil Wayne, Kid Frost, and other rappers. Now Elmo's life will always be messed up. It's like Nightmare on Elm Street in Sesame Street. just without the whole dream thing.
Elmo vs lil wayne01:03

Elmo vs lil wayne



Died of a nuke in 2015.

Power LevelEdit


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