Da bezd chanl is one of the worst YouTubers who joined YouTube in 2015 AD. He is known for his dreadful grammar and for liking pathetic users like Gligar13vids, Ricksatan972, Dillon the Hacker, Irategamer, Justin Bieber, IntelligentCODFanboy, KrazyGames, Mariotehplumber, the UTTP, the EDCP, etc... He used to dislike Mariotehplumber until he found out Mariotehplumber hates Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. If you dislike his videos, block his channel and report him, you will be given a small loan of a million dollars. You do not have to like his videos, share them and subscribe to him. If you do, you are a suckass YouTuber. The UTTP and FBI are hunting Da bezd chanl haters because they are smart to do so.

Da bezd chanl (1)
Da bezd chanl