Big Bird is a member troll of the Sesame Street Gang. He is a well known troller in the hood. Big Bird is an infamous crime lord before joining the Sesame Street Gang. Big Birds job is to do drive bys on rival gangs such as the Vercetti Gang and the Grove Street Families.

As a Crime LordEdit

Big Bird was a rich ass mofo that ruled a city known as Los Santos. Big Bird was one of the head honchos for the Vagos Gang in upper Los Santos. He killed enemy gangs such as the Grove Street and the Ballas. Big Bird was then invited to join a bigger and better gang.

Sesame Street GangEdit

Big Bird joined the gang in 2011. He killed many people and made it to the FBI's Most Wanted List. He became even more rich as a mofo. Big Bird killed Groover, his ally because Groover called him a retard.


After Groove Street gang members shot him multiple times, the FBI came and shot Big Bird with M60 Machine Guns. FBI then took his body to a lab and dissected it.


The Gang afterward of Birds Death

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