? Marks are another major troll in the fucking world of literature. They aren't are as deadly as ! Points but they have still killed, trolled, and made peoples grades go down to a very bullshiting low F. Question Marks are planning to take over the letter B and the number 8 in order to school more people. It's speculated that Marks comes from Mushroom Kingdom and were created by Waluigi just to be more popular (What a cunt).

Oh noes! It took over Super Mario


I'm coming for dat ass of yours letter P.

Related Troll SymbolsEdit

! Point -- King of Symbol trollers.

. Period -- The dickhead recruits.


Question Marks have already taken over the number 3 and the letter P as a troll. Someday, it might go as far as taking over 2.

2/27/15 The Question Mark has taken over 1/6 of Antarctica.

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